Surrogate & Gestational Carriers

There are two forms of surrogacy that we use a Queer Conception: traditional and gestational. While both largely popular by our gay couples, the following descriptions may help hinder any uncertainty as to which option is best for you.

A traditional surrogate is a woman who is biologically the mother of the child, either through In-Vitro Fertilization or Artificial Insemination. She willingly has donated her eggs to the couple and carries the child herself throughout the pregnancy.

Unlike a traditional surrogate, a gestational carrier has no biological relation to the child she is carrying. Rather, the couple has received another egg donor and uses finds another woman, usually a friend or family member, to carry the child during the pregnancy. 

While our website is a fantastic resource to learn about the basics of fertility, and the treatment plans offered at Queer Conception, remember that we are here to help along any step of the way. Therefore, please feel free to continue browsing our site, but if you come across any questions or are ready to get started with a free one-hour consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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