Sperm Freezing

Queer Conception is proud to offer the ability to cryopreservation (AKA freeze) sperm to preserve your fertility for the future or to make treatment easier, particularly if the male partner or sperm source will be out of the area or otherwise unable to produce a sample when needed for your treatment.

Cryopreservation of male sperm allows those seeking treatment the option of only needing to collect sperm one time. By freezing a man’s sperm, we are able to thaw only enough sperm needed for a particular procedure eliminating the hassle of having to collect new sperm each and every procedure. This is one of the preferred solutions to what otherwise can be quite the headache for those coming from out of town for treatment.

Although men’s fertility does not decline at nearly the same rate as female fertility, many men may still find it beneficial or necessary to do so. The reasons for freezing sperm vary, but include:

Those hoping to preserve their future reproductive potential before undergoing cancer treatment.

Men who are at occupational risk of injury including military personnel.

Men who are undergoing a surgical procedure that poses a potential risk to their reproductive system.

Sperm Freezing and preservation in liquid nitrogen at Queer Conception costs $50 and includes storage for 1 year.  Storage after the first year costs $350 per year.

While our website is a fantastic resource to learn about the basics of fertility, and the treatment plans offered at Queer Conception, remember that we are here to help along any step of the way. Therefore, please feel free to continue browsing our site, but if you come across any questions or are ready to get started with a free one-hour consultation, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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