Semen Analysis

A semen analysis, while not required, can be an important diagnostic technique that can indicate male factor infertility.
The procedure is done as follows:

The male partner, or donor in the case of a lesbian couple, collects a semen sample in a provided sterile cup at your regional QC fecility. A small volume of the collected specimen is then placed under at Mackler counting chamber, 

The male partner collects a semen sample in a sterile cup, either at home or at the medical center. A small volume of the specimen is placed on a Makler counting chamber, which has a grid with 100 squares which can simply account for your number of sperm. The sperm concentration is then determined by counting the number of sperm in ten squares, then multiplying by 1 million. The motility of the specimen is determined by calculating the percentage of the sperm that are moving in the same 10 squares. The progression of the sperm (forward motion) is graded on a scale of 0 (no motility) to 3+ (moving quickly across the grid in a forward direction). The pH, agglutination (attraction between sperm), viscosity (gelatinous texture of the sample), and number of red and white blood cells are also recorded.

A morphology slide of the semen is also prepared. This allows the sperm to be stained and viewed under a high power microscope to determine the percentage of sperm with normal morphology (shape). Listed below are the average parameters determined by the World Health Organization for a normal semen analysis.

Concentration – >20 million sperm per milliliter
Volume – 2-5 mL
Motility – >50%
pH – 7.2-7.8
White Blood Cells – <5 per high-powered field
Progression – 2+-3+
Red Blood Cells – 0 per high-powered field
Agglutination – none
Morphology – > 14% normal forms

If a sample is determined to be below these standards, the couple may be experiencing male factor infertility. This does not necessarily mean that one cannot conceive a child. Rather, it means several methods of treatment may be harder to achieve. Therefore, we highly recommend an IVF treatment (where one sperm is directly injected into an egg, bypassing the need for millions of sperm) for those with male factor infertility results.

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