IUI: Intrauterine Insemination

An IUI or Intrauterine Insemination, sometimes commonly referred to as artificial insemination is a simple procedure in which sperm is collected, prepared, and then injected past the woman’s cervix and into her uterus thereby giving the sperm a better chance of fertilizing the female’s egg.

An IUI is a fairly simple procedure that can be split into a few key components or steps.

An IUI costs $350.


Includes sperm wash and prep


The monitoring associated with the cycle costs either $725 or $850 for a natural/Clomid/Letrozole cycle and an injectable cycle respectively. If your monitoring is done at QC, the cost for your IUI would be either $$1075 or $1200.

This pricing does not include the cost of medication.  The cost of medications varies widely based on your plan of treatment.  If paying out of pocket, your medications will likely remain under $1200. 

IUI cycles can be financed with our in-house payment plans for up to 6 months allowing you to make smaller more affordable monthly payments for as little as $220. We require at least the 1st month’s payment prior to insemination. Our in-house financing is interest-free, but we do add an account management fee of $250 for every 6 months. This equates to roughly $40 a month.  

*prices listed above are for self-pay clients only. 

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